OUr approach

Here at Restore, our preaching approach is unique. We are moving toward a model of teaching/preaching that was used by Jesus and the leaders of the 1st century church. We want our worship gatherings to feel relational, warm, and inclusive. We try to promote that with invitations to respond or ask questions. People can observe: sit, listen, and drink a cup of coffee. Or people can engage: sharing thoughts or questions related to the preaching.

We view Sunday Worship as people gathering around a symbolic table for a meal, rather than a performance on a stage with passive observation. We try to pose or ignite questions, rather than dispense answers.

We are a relationally centric church, not an event centric church. If you come expecting polished excellence, you’ll be disappointed. If you come with an approach of seeking friendship and connection, we believe this unlocks incredible potential. We also welcome and enjoy having kids participate in our gatherings.

Dialogue that is intentionally filled with warmth and compassion has many wonderful and even life-changing effects. We believe this type of exercise and strategy would be good for all of us in an increasingly polarized culture.

“According to the National Training Laboratory, people only remember about 5% to 10% of a lecture or monologue and the retention rate plummets down to 1% when tested. But nearly 50% to 75% is retained if dialogue is included simultaneously.” - Dan White Jr.