Maybe you have experienced religion and found it lacking? Did you leave your experience with more questions than answers? Do the growing divides in our culture make you uneasy, wishing that barriers would come down? Do you find yourself wondering if there is an alternative option to the status quo? 


Us too.

Restore is a community of faith asking these tough questions, but we have a hope that Jesus Christ provides a beautiful path for us to travel, one that leads to hope rather than cynicism, spiritual depth rather than religious rules, and unity rather than divide. His philosophy and actions are both incredibly mysterious, but strangely effective. We hope you will consider joining us on the journey. 

Want to know more about what that looks like? 

Keep reading below. 

OUR culture


    Black, white, gay, straight, liberal, conservative, immigrant, native: what could possibly bring this crew together? Jesus Christ. We strive to find our common bond in Christ. We don’t approach each other with an agenda. We approach each other the way Jesus approached humanity, with radical inclusiveness, a listening posture, and a hope for friendship.


    With Christ, there is no veneer of love and no ignoring the truth. People following Him find incredible humility and a lack of pretense. Time together around meals, drinks, and dialogue is a big part of every Restore gathering. These powerful attributes and practices help us form deep and bonded relationships with Him and each other.


    We follow a King who didn’t grasp for power, but rather continually gave it away. We want people who join our faith community to grasp their created impact and calling. Therefore, we encourage and spiritually empower everyone to openly consider, “What is God saying to me and what am I going to do about it?” Responding to these questions leads people to beautiful and diverse leadership opportunities in the world.


    We are a faith community that is burdened by and responsive to injustice. We are a community of Christ-like action, whether it be through our local partnerships with Interfaith Work Empowerment Center and A Wider Circle, our own pro-bono law clinic (CLAiM), or our advocacy and support for refugees both home and abroad through our work with Servant Group International, we are active and passionate about justice.


    In many cases, Christianity has been reduced to shallow, pop culture religion. Rather, we recognize the depth of historical Christianity. Jesus isn’t diminished to a self-help guru, but is pursued and explored as the great philosopher, anthropologist, and King. We recognize the depth and value of a scholarly and historical perspective on Scripture and a renewal of the sacred practices of the Christian church. Come learn with us.

  • Restoration

    We acknowledge that Christ wants to restore us. In Scripture, He’s referred to as the great “physician” and we welcome His healing and renewal into our lives, relationship, and world. Through Him, what it means to be human is realized and maximized. We celebrate the journey of restoration together.