We hold passionately to the idea that "church" isn't defined by a building or an event. 


'Church' is a group of people, collectively on mission together. We may come from different backgrounds, different cultures, and even different religions; but Jesus (beautifully) brings us together. And together we are taking in Christ's love, and also taking it out to every context he sends us. We Are Restore.  



    Tolerance is the breeding ground of indifference, ignorance, prejudice, and hatred. We believe in a deeper love than tolerance. To tolerate and coexist creates a relational distance, which eventually leads to ignorance and hatred. To love someone unconditionally (Grace) is what people crave and what our culture needs. Unconditional love was introduced to us by Jesus. It’s the greatest gift He gave the human race. It’s good news for everyone.

  • Common Meal (Communion) creates a common bond

    Something incredible happens in the seemingly mundane act of sharing food and drink with other people. Barriers come down. Friendship begins. Lives Change. Eating and drinking together is part of every gathering at Restore. Biblically, it’s known as Communion. If you hang out with us, there will be tasty food, great drinks, and lively conversation. Common Meal is our launch pad into a new depth of living.


    Every human being is hardwired to be a difference maker, but the world teaches us that happens in big, extravagant, and attention grabbing ways. Jesus taught that true power and impact comes in giving it away in quiet, subversive, and unselfish ways. Missional living isn’t flashy or headline grabbing. It’s not a long build up to a mountain top moment. It’s living and believing that every second of the day has the potential to be restored. Jesus’s miracles of restoration were never scripted or project-managed. He simple responded to the needs in front of Him with the resources He had available, whether it was washing His disciples feet or using a young boy’s fish and loaves to feed thousands. 

  • Biblical Literacy

    The Bible is not a rule book, instruction manual, or science book. The Bible is a perfect story about Jesus. We strive to live like Jesus Christ. His story, His politics, and His legacy are what we follow.

  • Relational Rhythm

    Typically church is thought of as a location. The New Testament defines church as a people group. Our love for God and the people in our lives is what fuels our life rhythms, both individually and collectively. 


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