Your life is a story. As with any narrative, it is filled with ups and downs. What part of the story are you living right now?

Your life is good and you don’t need church or God. What's the point anyway? Everything is fine without them.

Your story is heartbreaking. You need healing, community, and for people to care.

Your life is a busy one and the thought of adding another event or commitment to the calendar raises the stress level to new heights.

God is great, but Christians aren’t. The judgment and hypocrisy that plagues the church is something you want nothing to do with.

The whole “God and church thing” intimidates you. You have tough questions and are afraid of being rejected.

If one of these is your story, this is your church.

Come experience a community that is made from people with all kinds of stories, from all different backgrounds. We are fascinated by the story of Jesus Christ and the incredible restoration He brings to humanity.

Come join us as we celebrate together every Sunday at 10 a.m. Click here to see our location and times.

We are a community of people journeying toward Christ from different angles, contexts, and backgrounds. We celebrate that Jesus is our common ground and brings together such a beautiful mosaic of people.  Below are some qualities about Jesus that we hold sacred in order to keep Christ at the center of who we are

Grace (Unconditional Love) - We are here to love, serve, and connect with all people as they pursue Jesus Christ. No matter your background, we care about your story.

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Penetrating Truth - The truth of Jesus Christ has been used as a weapon for far too long, beating others down and ultimately pushing them away from God. We want to use truth the way He did, not as a club, but as a scalpel, revealing and inspecting the deepest parts of us, with the hope that people experience true healing. (Ephesians 6: 17)

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Magnetic Environments - Jesus Christ was a magnet. Wherever He went, people followed. People traveled long distances, broke laws (Mark 5: 21-34), went without food (Matthew 15: 29-39), and even ripped the roof off a building just to be near Him (Mark 2: 1-12). Having a magnetic environment means we want our gatherings to be welcoming, engaging, and exciting.

Discipleship - Jesus’s last words were “Go and make disciples”. What is a disciple? It is simply someone committed to learning what God is saying to them and how to respond. God is speaking to you, but are you listening?

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Biblical Literacy - The Bible is a story about Jesus Christ. We want to know His story well so Christ can lead us and capture our hearts.

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“Our Culture” becomes a reality when we choose to engage in each of the Restore Church “Rhythms”. We are creatures of habit and repetition. Just like a song, we function best when we have a healthy rhythm to our lives.

Sunday Morning – This is our environment to celebrate, share stories, and reignite our fire for mission.  Sunday morning is an event and there is something special for kids and adults. We hope you will join us on Sunday mornings.

Missional Community – is a group of people whose common bond is a mission: bringing heaven to a particular slice of Earth. "MC" is also our vehicle for service and community with each other.

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Discipleship Huddle – Training together to live life the way Jesus Christ did.

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Aaron Thomas
Pastor - aaron@wearerestore.com

Karrie Thomas
Discipleship and Creative Director - karrie@wearerestore.com

Megan Gilmore
kidCITY Director - megan@wearerestore.com

Elizabeth Summerville
Environment Director - elizabeth@wearerestore.com


Phil and Amy Dittmer
Missional Community Leaders - "The Spring"

Aaron and Karrie Thomas
Missional Community Leaders - "Families on Mission Silver Spring"



We love kids! We may have more kids than adults at Restore Church! Our Children’s Ministry, Kid City, is available for children birth through 5th grade. We have games and awesome activities planned every week for our children. All of our Children’s leaders have been verified with a background check.

Restore Students

What about our young adults that are in grades 6-12? Our programming is designed to include them. We love getting teens excited about what God is doing through them. At Restore, we look at our teens as leaders and know they are capable of great things. We will also be starting Discipleship Huddles geared specifically for students in the near future.


Come join us as we celebrate together every Sunday at 10 a.m. We meet at The Fillmore in downtown Silver Spring: 8656 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD. 20910

Parking is available behind The Fillmore. If the lot is full, however, nearby garage parking is available and free on Sundays. To the nearest garage, continue on Fenton Ave from Colesville Rd. Turn right at Cameron St., garage parking is available on the west/left side of the road.

Check out The Fillmore's website for more venue information.www.fillmoresilverspring.com


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